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Tegula Paving Installers in Maidstone

Tegula paving in Maidstone has become one of the most popular options for a new driveway. Outside of block paving it is the second most laid type of driveway with customers in Maidstone loving the tumbled or rumbled finish on the Tegula.

Free same day estimates are available and tours of previous Tegula installations in Maidstone. Call Maidstone Paving Contractors on 01622 925014 to book your estimate today.

Tegula Paved Installations in Maidstone

Here at Maidstone Paving Contractors, we have over 30 years experience installing paving products with our skilled installers laying down hundreds of Tegula driveways in Maidstone Paving Contractors. Wide range of extra options included such as paved steps, custom edging and borders, paved aprons and drainage systems.

  • Tegula Driveways
  • Multiple Patterns
  • Wide Range Of Colours
  • Tegula Borders
  • Matching Tegula Kerbing
  • Traditional Styled Driveways

Maidstone Paving Contractors will provide you with a free estimate where the various choices and design options can be laid out for you to help you make the right installation choice at your home in Maidstone.

We Install Tegula Paving All Around The Maidstone Region

Tegula Contractors in Maidstone
Tegula Contractors in Maidstone
Tegula Contractors in Maidstone
Tegula Contractors in Maidstone